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Accounting Authority Identification Code


Admiralty Digital Radio Signals.


Automatic Identification System


AIS Search and Rescue Transmitter.


Admiralty List of Radio Signals.


Amplitude Modulation. A form of modulation where the amplitude of a carrier wave is made to vary in sympathy with the amplitude of the input signal. It is also known as A3E, when used for analogue voice double


The short–form term for ampere. A measurement of electrical current in a circuit, commonly called an ‘amp’. One ampere is a certain number of electrons passing by the point of measurement in one second. Symbol for ampere(s) is A.


Australian Maritime Safety Authority.


Automated Mutual–Assistance Vessel Rescue System. AMVER is a computer–based voluntary global ship reporting system used worldwide by search and rescue authorities to arrange assistance to persons in distress at sea. It is sponsored by the United States Coast Guard.


A string of telex characters which uniquely identify an individual telex machine or terminal. It can be sent from a telex terminal via the ‘HERE IS’ command, and requested from another telex machine via the ‘WRU?’ (Who are you?) command.

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