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L–band EPIRB

An EPIRB operating in the 1.6 GHz frequency band through the Inmarsat satellite system (also known as an Inmarsat EPIRB)

Land Earth Station (LES)

An earth station in the maritime mobile


Low Earth Orbit Local User Terminal. As used in the Cospas–Sarsat system. See also LUT.


see Land Earth Station


Low Frequency (3 to 30 kHz)

Local (SSM)

Local Sea Safety Messages. Contain warnings which refer to hazards which are considered to be of a temporary nature, eg. floating logs, temporary buoys, etc, broadcast for a defined period.

Local User Terminal (LUT)

A ground receiving station which receives data from COSPAS and SARSAT satellites, calculates the position of the beacon and forwards the resultant information to rescue authorities.

Locating signals

Transmissions intended to facilitate the location of ship in distress or survival craft.


Long Range Identification and Tracking. A ship reporting system requiring ships to automatically transmit their identity, position and date/time at 6–hour intervals, as part of Maritime Domain Awareness, by contracting Governments under SOLAS.


Lower Sideband mode of emission. A form of single sideband emission, where only the lower sideband is transmitted.