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Inmarsat satellite system for transmission of navigational and meteorological warnings to ships, complementary to the International NAVTEX service on 518 kHz. The ability to receive SafetyNET service information will generally be necessary for all ships which sail beyond the coverage of NAVTEX.


Search and Rescue.

SAR coordinating communications

Communications necessary for the coordination of ships and aircraft participating in a search and rescue operation.


Search and Rescue Radar Transponder. Also known as a survival craft radar transponder or radar transponder.


An identification number, 5 digits for ship stations and 4 digits for coast stations, programmed into NBDP (telex) equipment. In the ALRS Volume 1, the coast station Selcall is shown in square brackets, Guam [1096]. It is only required generally for ARQ mode of operation.


Super High Frequency (3 to 30 GHz).

Ship Earth Station (SES)

An earth station in the maritime mobile

Ship station

A station in the terrestrial radio


Operating method in which transmission is made possible alternatively in each direction of a telecommunication channel, for example, by means of manual control (see single

Single frequency

The same frequency used for transmission and reception (simplex).

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